About our Rewards Program

We care about your well-being. This is why we teamed up with bodyFi, an up-and-coming fitness studio, that is just as passionate about your healthy lifestyle as we are. Our new rewards program is simple-- sign up for bodyFi courses and receive discounts on our one of a kind athleisure gear to make working out and feel good and look even better.


About bodyFi

BodyFi is changing the way we think about working out. The staff at bodyFi understands that you lead a busy life, and will help you reach your fitness goals with 30-minute workouts that are fast, intense, and fun. You’ll experience a challenge with customized fitness programs, taught by certified personal trainers and Pilates instructors.

Let the pros at bodyFi show you how it’s possible to live, work, play to the most healthful degree. You’ll be amazed at the results when you train at the speed of life.


Reward Program Rules

  • Rewards do not expire.

  • Monthly punch cards are available, each featuring a unique promotion.

  • Rewards are not stackable.

  • Stamps do not carryover monthly.

  • To redeem your stamps online at, present your stamps card to the staff at bodyFi’s reception.