Wellness/Yoga Centers in DTLA


Within all the bustling, commotion, and work that emulates in the very busy Downtown Los Angeles, there's also places a couple of streets away where you can find peace, tranquility, and wellness. One of the best things you can do for yourself to improve physical and mental health is incorporate a daily Yoga practice into your routine. Taking care of your physical and mental health is just as important as your next paycheck, and it doesn't take up too much time!

If you're in the DTLA area and you're stressed after work or want to find an active way to utilize your one hour break, these wellness centers are the places for you! Also, there's more to these centers than yoga and exercise; each have their own unique twist that keep fitness and wellness lovers coming back for more!


The Springs | 608 Mateo St. Los Angeles, CA 90021


The Springs incorporates everything wellness! From having an organic juice bar, a vegan restaurant, sauna stations, massage services, and a yoga studio, this center gives the perfect "lifestyle of balance." It's unique, holistic services guarantee health that is accessible to all. Plus the calming, plant-inspired architecture and ambiance of the center gain a lot of attention from people all over LA.



Bridge Mind Body Movement | 1820 Industrial St Ste 102 B Los Angeles, CA 90021


In addition to yoga and pilates, Bridge Mind Body Movement also offers different service, such as acupuncture, myofascial release, massage therapy, and even a gyrotonic boutique studio. But it's the relaxing setting and vibe of the center that welcomes newcomers everyday.



Yoga Circle Downtown | 400 S Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90013


Do you enjoy intimacy and doing yoga in smaller groups? If yes, then Yoga Circle is the center for you. They provide individual yoga therapy sessions, yoga classes, and small group classes. They also have a lunch hour yoga session if you want to go during your one hour break from work!



Peace Yoga Gallery | 903 S Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90015


Incorporating yoga, art, music, and food, the Peace Yoga Gallery is the place to embrace wellness of the body, the creative mind, and your stomach!

Jasmine Yang