Welcome Fall


Pull out those cozy sweaters and run to the nearest Starbucks to grab the coveted PSL... Fall is here! There are a million reasons why everyone loves fall but here are our favorites.


1. Fashion

The cozy knit sweaters and riding boots paired with your favorite pair of leggings is an instant comfy yet cute outfit.



2. Leaves

Who doesn't love stomping through a nice pile of crunchy leaves. Instead of walking, take it up a notch, pick up the speed and try running through them. You'll get more than just the nice sound effects, you'll also get a workout!



3. Crisp Air

Exercising in the Summer can be a drag when you are stuck in the heat and humidity every time you step out of the house. Fall's crisp air will make every breath a refreshing source of energy.



4. Food

What's the point of doing all that exercising if you can't indulge once in a while. Fall is the perfect time for all things pie, not to mention Thanksgiving is right around the corner.



After all the exercising and eating, Fall is the perfect time to cuddle up with your family, friends and loved ones and show your appreciation for one another.

Jasmine Yang