Personal Training Studios in SF


Personal training studios are so different from your typical gym, it might give you more incentive and motivation to work out! These facilities are appointment-only meaning you are either getting coached by a personal trainer or attending a group class.

The intimacy of this kind of workout allows you to bond one on one with the trainers and other members. You will also have a lot more privacy when doing your workouts -- potentially even the whole gym to yourself!

Having a personal trainer also means having specialized workouts designed for you. You will learn proper technique while also having a supportive coach right over your shoulder.

Lastly, the amount of money you pay generally translates to more commitment from the members. If everyone is working hard, you will too!



Here is a list of personal training studios to check out in San Francisco, CA:


1. BodyFi

With two locations on Mission St and Montgomery, you have many options for different PT's, classes, and workouts. They have specialized rooms for pilates that will cater to your private or group class needs.

2. Synergy Fitness

Their three locations in Presidio Heights, Nob Hill, and Marina will make it easy to schedule a class anywhere in the city. The 75 trainers will be able to cater to each client's individual needs whether that be pilates classes, gyrotonic classes, or just a typical gym workout.

3. Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit offers more than just classes and personal training, they also offer cardiovascular testing, body composition analysis, diabetes prevention, and weight loss programs and management.

Jasmine Yang