Makeup Holy Grail Products


Have a date or dinner but want to squeeze in a workout? Having the right makeup products can help transform your look instantly. We have come up with a list of reliable must-have products perfect for your gym bag.


1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream


It goes without saying that the most important step to preserve a youthful glow is moisturizing. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, as the name suggests, is truly magical. Skin feels visibly softer, less prone to breakouts, and most importantly moisturized.


2. BECCA One Perfecting Brush


Ah, this $49 brush will make you look like a million bucks! Our favorite thing to use it for is contouring and applying blush.


3. Kat Von D Shade and Light


This palette will give you the perfect shades for a fabulous contour. From a daytime soft ashy contour to a night out with cheekbones so chiseled you could cut someone, this palette beats out every other contour palette on the market.


4. RCMA No Color Powder


This powder will keep your foundation on all day. Enough Said.


5. Makeup Atelier Paris Fluid Foundation

If you are looking for a lightweight foundation that still provides good coverage, trust us, this fluid foundation is the way to go.


6. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer


Didn't get enough sleep or breaking out? This concealer will give you the perfect coverage with no reapplying necessary.


7. Lancome Waterproof Hypnose Drama Mascara


This waterproof mascara is great to have on while you workout and can be reapplied for a more dramatic look!


8. Makeup Forever XL Eye Pencil Waterproof


Black liner can make all the difference - this waterproof eye pencil is easy to apply and comes in all kinds of fun colors!


9. Stila Liquid Eyeliner


If you prefer liquid eyeliner but don't want to spend hours trying to get it right, Stila Liquid Eyeliner is your best friend.


10. Jojoba Oil


Although this is not technically a makeup product, Jojoba Oil is a must-have for your makeup bag. It's great for bringing back life to post-workout hair or using as a face moisturizer. Best part - you can find it at your local Trader Joe's!


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Jasmine Yang