3 Moves 10 Minutes


Want to workout but have no time to go to the gym? Me too. But who says working out has to take place in a gym setting? Why not do it in the comfort of your own home  ? -Pause - Now here's the part when people say they just can't spare an hour or a half hour. But I'm here to offer all those people a solution. Ready? -Play ▶️- 3 MOVES 10 MINUTES. That's it. Here's the breakdown:

1 minute jumping jacks to warm up your body. 

1 minute standing jack knives to target your abs. Start with both arms extended above your head and bring them down in front of you as you kick forward. Then switch legs. 

1 minute twisting squats to target abs, thighs, and booty. Start by doing a squat. Then as you stand back up, bring your elbow and the opposite knee up into a crunch. Repeat with a squat and then alternate elbow and knee. 

1 minute jumping burpees. Targets full body. Yeah, yeah, everyone hates burpees, but there's a reason why physical trainers assign them (cardio and strength building). Start in a standing position. Jump with arms extended above you. Then place your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders and jump both legs out as if you were in push up position. Then jump your legs back under your body and stand back up. Repeat. 

Perform three sets of the above starting with standing jack knives after the warm up jumping jacks. Be sure to stretch afterwards to keep your body from feeling stiff. 

So why did I pick these moves? If you only can spare ten minutes(which I'm sure almost everyone can do. People spend 10 times as long on social media), you want to get the most out of your workout. All these moves are high intensity and will keep your heart rate up while targeting multiple body parts. Each move is only for a minute, so it'll be hard to get bored. As you add this ten minute workout to your everyday routine, you'll get better at each move and be able to perform it faster, increasing the number of repetitions. It's a win-win situation 🏻

Have fun with this workout and remember to start slow and listen to your body to avoid injury. Stay hydrated! 

Jasmine Yang