April Workout Playlist


Pump up the jams with this April Workout Playlist! These songs really got us moving this month and we're excited to share them with you:


1. Handclap | Fitz and the Tantrums

Fitz and the Tantrums are one of the best indie pop bands around- get your day started with the catchy beats of “Handclap” and you’ll know why.


2. Cake by the Ocean | DNCE

Upbeat, fun, and deliciously sweet- Cake by the Ocean is the perfect song to get you in the groove for a positive start to your day.


3. Dope | BTS

BTS is taking the world by storm and we love it! If you’ve never listened to K-pop before, give this song a go. It’s got hip-hop elements and powerful vocals to get you moving.


4. Shape of You | Ed Sheeran

Feel good about your body with Sheeran’s latest hit “Shape of You”. It’s a cute pop song that will get you going on your morning run.


5. 24K Magic | Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is a dancing machine, and 24K Magic can get you on the move too. Pump up your day with this funky beat and get going!


6. Run the World (Girls) | Beyoncé

Do you want to run the world? Of course you do! But let’s start with that workout first. HIIT it with Beyoncé!



Another K-pop song (last one, we swear) with hip-hop elements. If you’re down with badass females like we are, give this song a listen. Rapping, a bangin’ EDM track, and powerful vocals make this song perfect for your next HIIT workout!


8. Lean On | Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. )

We love the fast hitting tempo and the house style music of one of Major Lazer’s biggest hits. The intoxicating, bouncy rhythm will brighten up any of your pop workout playlists.


9. Tears | Clean Bandit (feat. Louisa Johnson)

The free, tumbling flow of “Tears” will get you out of any workout rut and onto the right path. It’s a light, spirited song that has us getting through those classic Mondays.


10. Fire Under My Feet | Leona Lewis

If you need that extra boost of energy at the end of the day, Leona’s got your back. This power song will get you through your toughest workouts and routines.


11. The Greatest | Sia

It’s been a rough day- but “The Greatest” will make you feel alive again and remind you that you are free to be the greatest version of yourself.


12. Body Heat | Selena Gomez

Spice up your playlist with this slinky, dance song. You’ll be up and grooving before you know it.


13. Dare (La La La) | Shakira

Dare to get sassy and dangerous with Shakira’s fun hit. Turn up the volume and get moving to this dancing song.


14. Uma Thurman | Fall Out Boy

Some bands never get old, and Fall Out Boy is no exception. “Uma Thurman” is a good song for when you need a pick-me-up. You might even be able to move mountains or work a miracle after you hear it! ;)


15. LA Devotee | Panic! At The Disco

Another song for those of you who never quite got over your emo phase LOL. Brendan Urie’s powerful vocals will give you that last boost of energy you need to hit that PR!

Jasmine Yang