Look Chic, Feel Comfort, Support Local


Our collection with Sunkissed Steph is all about clothing that is comfortable in the gym and on the street. That is why we teamed up with Eclat, a green textiles company in LA that specializes in innovative and functional fabrics for any occasion. Here are some of the key properties that we have incorporated to make our clothing fir for your style and daily routines.




Wicking is the fabric’s ability to move moisture away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric. Stay dry and cool in any weather! 




If you have sensitive skin and sunburn easily, UV Protective clothing can keep you safe and radiation free. With tighter weaves in the fabric and naturally UV protective fibers, you can go outdoors feeling trendy and at ease. 



The only thing that beats a fabric that stretches in one direction is one that stretches in two! Perfect for your yoga regimen and workouts, the lengthwise and crosswise stretch will provide you comfort in any position. 


We care about the fabric we use as much as we care about the style. Our collaboration with Eclat helps us ensure that our customers get the best quality clothing possible!