Here's Our Story

Founded in San Francisco, CA, Sun & Cobalt is an athleisure company that creates clothing to fit your lifestyle. Every month, we collaborate with well-known fashion, beauty, and fitness bloggers to bring you unique, limited edition clothing. When designing our clothes, we work hard to create something that can seamlessly transition from day to night, from work to a workout. Because whether you’re out enjoying the warmth of the sun or relaxing in a night as bold as cobalt, Sun & Cobalt is the brand for you!


Sun & Cobalt cares about creating clothing that is comfortable and stylish, but here is what else we are passionate about:

  • We care: by only using premium fabrics and trims and producing them here in California. We also donate 10% of our profits towards a cause hand-picked by our featured blogger.

  • We connect: you with a diverse line of top bloggers. Together, we release fresh and innovative collections each month.

  • We empower: you, our customers, and aim to create clothing that inspires and allows you to live your life comfortably and fashionably.